10th Grade – Portfolio

10th Grade – Portfolio

Spiraling Chaos

       My artwork looks like a spiral with circles and a lot of designs in it. The title of my work is Spiraling Chaos. The elements and most obvious are line design and line quality. It is very obvious that I used different types of line design and varied their thickness to create different patterns all throughout the piece.

        I created my artwork by taking a center spot and drawing arcs from that center spot all the way to the end of the paper. Then I took the center spot on each of those lines and did the exact same thing but instead I stopped on the next main line. Then I drew rings, getting bigger and bigger as it went outward. This created the spiral effect. Then to give it some contrast, I filled in the gap’s in one of the rings with different designs.

        I honestly didn’t have a big idea behind the artwork I was creating. I just envisioned this cool design and thought it would be great to do for this assignment. That is something that I can definitely work on in the future assignments is having a purpose outside of just completing this assignment.

        I honestly don’t see myself as an artist with a lot of goals. So I didn’t have many goals for this piece outside of completing it to the best of my abilities. The only other goal that I feel this artwork helped me with was to better my abilities with line art. So yet again this is another thing that I can work on is to help me complete my goals.

        Like I said in the previous paragraph I learned how to create different designs and effects, all by just using lines. It is different than I imagined, but I am still very happy about the final result. I first imagined it with two of the rings filled in with designs. But I later figured out that filling in the ring with designs takes a lot longer than I thought. So I just chose to leave it at one ring. This piece helped me get better at using lines in art, so that can definitely help me with future art projects.

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