10th Grade Line Art Project

10th Grade Line Art Project

Earthly View


My artwork is called Earthly View for many different reasons, One of them 

being that this piece looks like a collage of different images. One having volcanoes, fire, and darkness. The next having trees, grass, and mountains. And the last having gold and a glowing “heavenly” gate. I used different techniques to achieve this final result, those such as shading, line, and color. 

I created my artwork by drawing my design on a small piece of paper, about a 

fourth of the size of the final product. After that I experimented with color schemes to see what would work. Then we made copies of one of my blank designs and then mirrored them off of each other. I then taped them together and used a big piece of paper to trace over it. After I traced, I colored it in.

The big idea of my artwork was to present the stereotypical, modern day, view 

of life. The things that most of us consume our lives with are that of sinful nature, which will then lead us to eternal separation from God in hell. That is the fiery portion. The earth portion is that of most Christians, we try and meet in the middle, having a mix of sinful and holy. So it’s like a purgatory, between heaven and hell. And the last is heaven, which is what Christians all try and act like, but fail. It is only through Jesus that we can reach this final destination.

My goals for this artwork at the beginning were to just finish. But as I 

progressed, I really wanted to create something that could be a reflection for people. Something that asks them, “Where do you stand?” So I wanted this to be something that people could look at and see the difference between having faith and not.

I am very happy with how it turned out, although there are always things that I 

could do to improve the piece. I believe that I achieved the goal of representing heaven, earth, and hell, and making visible differences between each. I am very proud of it and will look forward to implementing some of the things I learned from this piece in future projects.

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