10th Grade Ceramics Bowl Project

10th Grade Ceramics Bowl Project



My project is called Reflection. It is a bowl that is grey on the inside and light blue on the outside. It is smaller at the base and gets bigger as it goes up. It has the words Remember 2020 at the bottom of the bowl. The elements of art that are most obvious in this project is the color and the texture.

I made my artwork out of clay. We used the slab technique to make the pot. This means that we rolled out a slab of clay and then cut it into a cross-like shape. We then folded up the sides to form the walls and scored and slipped them together.

This crazy year of 2020 was my inspiration for this project. There were so many aspects of 2020 that it was very hard only picking a view words to represent the crazy year we have had. So I chose “Remembering 2020” because it invites the viewer of the artwork to reflect on their personal experiences in 2020. I also feel like blue and grey are symbols themselves. We normally think of both blue and grey as depressing colors, which they can be. This represents the dark times we had during this year. But the fact that they are both light blue and light grey symbolize that we can find light in the darkness.

The goal of this artwork was touched on in the previous paragraph, but it is ultimately to call people to reflect on the crazy year that we have had and all of the tribulations that it has caused each and every one of us. And it is very general because we didn’t all struggle in similar ways, so the broadness allows for room of personability.

I am very happy with how this turned out. I feel that I could always improve on the techniques used and/or touch up the final product a bit. But I am very happy with the symbolism and what this project represents.

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