English News Article: Scorpia

English News Article: Scorpia

Scorpia Book Cover Scorpia
Alex Rider Adventures
Anthony Horowitz
The Penguin Group

Alex Rider: Wanted

By Cole Reilly

London, England — Oct 8, 2004

Yesterday, Alex Rider was just confirmed as a wanted man by M16 and the British government. A boy who dedicated his life to serving his country by saving many is now working with our greatest enemy, Scorpia.

Our secret intelligence informed us that Alex Rider was seen with known Scorpia agent named Nile. Agents from M16 believe that Alex is working with Scorpia and they are training him to be an assassin. Commanders of M16, Mr. Blunt and Mrs. Jones, are very concerned about this matter because they know that if a person like Alex was on the wrong side, some really bad things could happen.

M16 conveyed backstory of why Alex Rider has switched sides. It’s understood that the cause of his desertion from M16 pertained to his father’s death. Alex Rider learned while he was at Venice that M16 killed his father. This made him defect to Scorpia to join their cause. Alex started his investigating events in Venice because of intelligence learned from another Scorpia agent, named Yassen Geronovitch. Mrs. Jones confirmed it today when she said, “Yassen must have told him about John Rider.” “Albert Bridge,” I asked? “Yes,” she responded.

The events at Albert Bridge drove Alex to his decision. M16 was making a trade with Scorpia; John Rider (Alex’s dad) for a British son. They were making the exchange when Mrs. Jones had planned a double crossing. She already had a sniper in a surrounding building, and then she gave the order. “Shoot him,” she said into her radio, and John Rider was shot and killed.

Alex Rider is now a member of Scorpia because M16, the people he had been working for, killed his father. Undoubtedly Alex joined Scorpia to get revenge on M16 for killing his father. Alex also believes that it was his destiny to join Scorpia to become like his father. He wanted to become an assassin to become like his father to create a connection they never had. Alex Rider, once a valuable asset to M16, now is wanted by them.

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